Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vacation! #AtoZChallenge

Sorry, this one is a day late, but it just so happened that V came up in the challenge the day we returned from a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean! However, I was too tired to blog about it when we got home last night (big surprise, eh?).

I pre-wrote all of the past week's posts before I left, just so I could keep up. Crazy that I can't seem to blog the rest of the year LOL

We took the Carnival Sunshine out of Cape Canaveral Florida where we met up with my brother- and sister-in law, their three kids, another friend and her daughter. We had a great time!
In Nassau 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Grand Turk
The food, fun and activities were awesome. If you haven't been on a cruise, I highly recommend you give it a try. Plan to eat a lot (pack some "roomy" pants for the last few days), stay up late (to catch the comedy and music/dance performances), spend some money (on gambling, bingo and/or drinks), go on at least one excursion (there are a wide variety of activities available at each port), do some shopping (on and off-shore) and never checking your phone for messages (I didn't miss it at all).


  1. I'm sitting in the back yard. It's cold and dreary and about to rain.

    Darn you.

  2. When you are in a place like those, who wants to be reminded of reality with a cell phone? Good for you!
    On the Post A to Z Road Trip from S.E. Texas and Life & Faith in Caneyhead.