Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Minute... just one minute before you go - An Outlook Tip #AtoZChallenge

Have you ever sent an email and then instantly regretted it? Realized you left out something important, forgot to spell check it, forgot to cc someone, left off the attachment or realized you reacted too quickly?

Yeah, me too. But not anymore, now I have a minute delay on all outgoing emails and I cannot tell you how many times I have edited an email after hitting Send, but before allowing it to leave my mailbox.

Setting it up is easy:

  •  In Outlook, click on “File”
  • Select “Manage Rules & Alerts”
  • Select “New Rule”
  • Highlight “Apply rule on messages I send”
  • Select “Next”
  • Select “Next” again
  • Click “Ok” to the dialogue warning you that this rule will apply to every message you send
  • Check “Defer delivery by a number of minutes”
  • In the lower area, click the “a number of” link and set it to whatever you like
  • Click “Ok”
  • Click “Finish”

After you hit Send, emails will sit in your Outbox folder for a minute before being sent. So, if you realize you need to make a change, look for your email there, change it and hit Send again.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't realize this was an option. It's really telling that such an option has to exist in our world. "Email regret" is such a real ailment that checks have been put in place to circumvent it, when really all we have to do is slow down and take our time in writing the message in the first place!

    I've had my share of email regret too, though. Most commonly when I mean to be sarcastic but I actually come across really insulting and dismissive. Sarcasm is so hard to convey in an email. :-/