Thursday, April 2, 2015

Books - where some of my best friends live #AtoZChallenge

I was puttering around the house the other day and the thought crossed my mind that I missed Polgara. And then I remembered that Polgara is a character in a series of novels, not actually someone that I know.

And yet... I do know her. She is one of my very favorite characters and up until recently I had made a point to visit her, and the rest of the gang, every year since she first appeared in 1986.

If you haven't met Polgara, you can find her living in the pages of David Eddings' series The Belgariad and The Malloreon. Tell her I said "hi" please.

Another of my best friends... Claire Fraser. I'm willing to guess more people know her, with the popularity of the Outlander series on Starz. It's always hard when a movie or series is made from a beloved book, but despite the inevitable changes to the story they've done an excellent job.

Series books are my favorite, likely because I don't have to let the characters go as quickly. I'm not sure if it's a sign of a book lover, or an introvert (or both?), that I would rather spend time with certain fictional characters than actual people.

Who is your favorite book character? Is it possible to pick only one?


  1. What a cool points...characters in books can indeed ne our best buddies
    #Blogging from A-Z swinging by to meet and greet. I am 471 and 472 in the long list, with MOVIES & What's in a NAME Hope you swing by to 4covert2overt and Defining Ways. Hope to meet up everywhere @M_C_V_Egan
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    1. Wow... two blogs? I am hoping I keep up with one! Thanks for dropping by, I'll head over to your place next :)

  2. I could never just pick one favorite character-- usually it is the one that I have recently read. I did like the gutsyness of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum. Or maybe it is that I have kept her around for the last 17 books....

    The View from my World

    1. LOVE Stephanie Plum! The scene where some bad guys dognapped Joe's dog after he ate Chinese food - COMEDY GOLD!

  3. We should do a monthly book-in. Close the girls in Angie's room and sit comfortably reading together. I don't know why but that sounds like the best date ever... thanks for reminding me why I love books!! <3

    1. Totally. Angie would love that, and so would I!