Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lindsey Stirling #AtoZChallenge

Had enough book reviews? Let's talk music!

I stumbled over Lindsey Stirling about a year ago, thanks to Pandora, and she quickly became one of my favorite artists. This girl is not your average musician in any way, shape or form. She's a violinist, dancer, composer and she even edits her own music videos - and she does each of these things phenomenally!! Also, she's incredibly sweet and funny.

Elements was the first song of hers I heard, and I quickly purchased her full album. She has videos out on all of her songs, I believe. Her second album, Shatter Me, is due out at the end of this month - I have already pre-ordered it :)

Lindsey also does covers, like the one for Radioactive. I love the original song, but her cover, with Pentatonix, is fantastic. Check it out...

You can find Lindsey on Facebook and YouTube - check her out :)


  1. I love Lindsey Stirling. My first introduction to her was Crystalize. I've loved all of her music ever since. I think one of my favorite pieces is her one with Peter Hollens to do the theme for Skyrim. The incredibly complex technical side of it appeals to me. If you haven't, check out Peter Hollens as well. He's incredible too.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lindsay Sterling. Crystallize was my first taste of her, but all of her work is incredible. The videos for Shadows and Elements are spectacular, as is the one for her cover of Phantom of the Opera. She was robbed on America's Got Talent, but to be fair she got a little over-ambitious.

    I didn't know she had a new album about to drop. THANK YOU for sharing that!