Monday, May 7, 2012


I think we can all agree that Mondays often leave a lot to be desired. Well, from now on you can think to yourself..

"Hmmm today sucked, but at least I didn't get shot with pepper spray!"

That's right, Lenny got pepper sprayed right in the face this morning. Don't worry, it was on purpose and he knew it was coming - it was part of his training to be a Correctional Officer. But still... pepper spray isn't the best way to wake up in the morning... I'll take my coffee, thank you.

In other news - I have yet to finish my first painting, but have started on my second...

I call it... Monday Morning. Or Remember to wash new paintbrushes before you use them.

Yes, the canvas is all black. I'm actually prepping it to paint something similar to the picture at the bottom, although I probably won't actually work on this one next. I think it's be cool to paint on a black canvas - can't wait!

Everyone has been super supportive of my new hobby - thank you!

Finally, for you sunset lovers...

Tonight's Sunset

So remember folks, next time you have a rough Monday... at least you didn't get pepper sprayed. Unless you did, of course. In that case... well... hopefully that's the worst part of your day.


  1. Today was a fairly good Monday, surprisingly.

  2. Can't wait to see all your paintings!

  3. Oooh, I had no idea one had to get pepper-sprayed to be trained. Seems kinda harsh.
    I would love to see the end result on that black painting :)

  4. That looks to be an amazing painting. I used to make an attempt at painting years ago, but stick with photography.

  5. I love painting on black canvas--the results are so different than beginning with a white or pale background. The finished piece often ends up being something quite different from what I had originally intended--but really satisfying.

    Your sunset inspiration piece looks beautiful and almost surreal.

    Wishing you lots of fun and happy results with your painting! :)


  6. Good luck with your new hobby:)

  7. can't believe you have so much inspiration, great painting, thank you!

  8. Cartridge
    Nice sky shots at the evening.. I loves this pic in this blog...

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