Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yew, You and Ewe - #AtoZChallenge

One of the most interesting things about the English language is that there are are a lot of words that have multiple meanings.

For example, I found this the other day...

There are quite a few...

Image from Mrs. Kaur's Reading Zone

Then there are those words that sound the same, but mean different things and are spelled differently. You know those words, the ones we use to drive Grammarians nuts!

Image from:


Image from:

[By the way... I went to Google Images and Googled "there their they're" and among all these great cartoons there was an image of a naked man... really. I didn't click on it in an attempt to understand.]

Ware was eye?

Oh yes, and then there's...

Looks like a cute book. Click on pic for a link to it.

Really... who came up with this stuff?

I think Larry sums it up the best... hit it Larry!

Gotta love Silly Songs with Larry!

Updated: I just saw this on @Unmarketing's Facebook page and thought it was the perfect ending to this post:


Oh yes... today's photo prompt "1pm". Well, at about one today I was doing this:

Mmmm Brownies!


  1. I adore Silly Songs with Larry! Also, Yay, M&Ms!

  2. Thank yew for the clarification, its very helpful two me the whey your putting it out their :)

  3. I'm taking a last minute blog jog to meet some new friends from the A-Z challenge list. Following :)

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