Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ginger - #AtoZChallenge #PhotoadayApril

Last year I did G is for Goober, so this year I'll dedicate G to Ginger. Ginger is a pure-bred Chocolate Lab and frankly the dumbest dog I've ever met. She's sweet and loving, and thinks (despite her 90lbs) that she is a lap dog, but really just not smart. Ginger's favorite things to do are eat, itch and shake her ears; especially at about 2 a.m. (the last two at least, she'll eat any time she has a chance).

She also has allergies. Every year about this time she gets ITCHY, poor thing. She'll be four this June.

Hi, I'm Ginger. Daddy named me Ginger, but really I'm brown.

And Goober (aka Guinness) is still around. He just turned 13. He's old and grumpy. He's either going deaf, or just doesn't care to listen anymore. Sometimes he doesn't eat his morning cookie, but will instead just keep it by him all day as Ginger looks at it fondly. 

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

Although you can see Guinness' shadow (today's photo challenge) I thought I'd add one of me.



  1. I have a 12-year-old chocolate lab and she is also dumb, always hungry, and riddled with allergies! Also, she's going blind and deaf, which really doesn't help the aforementioned issues. :) Love your post today!

  2. I never even knew dogs could HAVE allergies! Glad I don't have the only one :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aww, gorgeous dogs. Ginger looks so sweet! My younger dog gets allergies this time of year...cannot wait for this part of the season to be over with.

  4. what a lovely pet you have
    do check out my G at GAC a-z

  5. Poor Ginger! My guess is that you just haven't set her the right challenges yet;-)

    We have Labradors that are not greedy - amazing! The Dalmatian makes up for them, though.

    (Visiting from A-Z)

  6. I had a lab, Rusty. About 90 pounds too. He was a lap dog until his dying day the sweet brute.