Sunday, April 1, 2012

A for Angelina

It never fails to amaze me how much Angie is like me; and yet she is so different. Crazy little things that I know she didn't learn, but just picked up somehow. Genetics I suppose.

For example:
  • Even though she can barely read, she already stays up late reading books in bed by the light of her nightlight. Growing up, I spent many a late night reading Nancy Drew under the covers.
  • She counts things... I do this too (so does Lenny), but she does it out loud. She'll be one that "gets" basic accounting - she's been counting since she was 2. Note: Sooooo many people don't get basic accounting... OMG.
Angelina - Age 4 3/4
Have your kids picked up any crazy traits of yours that you never taught them?

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  1. yes they have picked up crazy traits - for one they are incessant readers and a book isnt a book unless it is more than 600 pages (helps at Uni)

    here doing the a to z thing

  2. 1thing she picked up I wish she didn't - her fathers love of TV!

    Happy A to Z!

  3. Gorgeous pic!

    Unfortunately, my son's picked up my easy distractibility when there's boring work to be done. :-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  4. cutie pie! I am glad that each of my kids has acquired the reading bug as well as the sleeping-in gene. Then there are the not so great traits that I *swear* are 100% from my husband's side: Couch-potatoness, stubbornness, and picky eater-ness.

    Great post! Here we go for the A-Z!