Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photography Challenge Day 13: Yourself with 13 things

This one took me forever. It's awfully hard to take a picture of yourself, let alone figure out 13 things to put in the picture with you.

Actually, some of the "13 things" are cut off at the bottom of this picture. Yes, I know, there are a lot more than 13 things in this picture, but the ones I specifically included were (from left to right):
  1. Cathy - my baby doll from my youth.
  2. Chauncy Bear - one of my favorite bears
  3. Perry the Platypus - because he's just that cool
  4. Secret deodorant - because I got a years supply free because I have "Klout"! LOL
  5. The Ladybug pillow pet - because she's cute and reminds me of Angie
  6. Bud Light with Lime - because it's yummy
  7. My iPad - because it too is just that cool
  8. Stephanie's Clown - she gave it to me when I left New Orleans. Her mother gave it to her and it means a lot
  9. The Heart Aunt Pat sent me (barely visible on the clown's lap) - because she means a lot to me
  10. Kermit the Frog - he was my first love
  11. Pooh Bear - he's been with me since I was born
  12. My iPod Touch - I use it almost daily. Best thing I have ever purchased, hands down.
  13. My Kindle - my newest geeky gadget and I love it :)
Don't you just love my library, not to mention my Eeyore jammies? :)

FINALLY this photo challenge is behind me! Next up, Eyes.


  1. That looks like the sweetest reading corner ever!

  2. That is a wonderful reading corner and YES I do love your Eeyore jammies!