Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Famous Now!

Earlier this week my boss asked me to copy three change orders for him. I gave the originals and the copies back to him. He calls me three minutes later...

"I think there was a mistake, I don't have a copy of all of these change orders"

"Do you have six pieces of paper?" I asked.



"Can you go look on the copy machine?"


Later he comes back and tells me he was mistaken, he had them all. I refrain from making any comment.

That night I relay the story to my husband who says "Behind every good man is a woman rolling her eyes."

So I Tweeted it... LOL and so far that tweet has been mentioned in three blogs! How funny is that? Even funnier that they didn't even know where it originated from.

Then I finally made it onto @RubySpikes weekly Top 10 post (it took a little lobbying): This Week in Tweets: Three Times as Nice

And then today I stumble over @ExtremelyAvg's blog: Tweeting is Easy

I love Twitter :)


  1. That's too funny. You have coined a new phrase, my dear! One I'll be stealing.