Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Quest

Surely you've read at least one book that involved an epic quest. There were probably cryptic prophesies, perhaps some sorcerers and magic thrown in for flavor. A coming of age or fate driven book leading up to one paramount choice or act that determines the fate of the main character, or perhaps the entire universe.

No pressure, right?

David Eddings' Belgarad Characters found here

Did you ever wonder if perhaps you are on a quest, but no one told you? No one gave you an old scroll that gave you riddled instructions. Magic is pretty scarce. You might get occasional glimpses of some greater purpose or theme or path forward, but overall you're basically feeling your way towards some unknown goal without much guidance about what's expected of you.

Perhaps sometimes you find yourself waiting for... something. You're not sure what, but somehow you're certain that it's right around the corner. You just have to be patient. Unless you do that one thing that changes your course and takes you in a different direction. If only you'd been more patient, you might think, looking back.

But no, what happened happened for a reason, you just don't understand it yet. You will someday though. You'll look back and think two things... "Oh, now I get it" and "Geez, was I really upset over that?" The whole "will this {insert horrible current circumstance/event/thing} matter in five years?" concept. To which I typically think "no... but it sure the hell pisses me off right now!"

Anyways, where was I? Oh, right, do you ever think you're on some mysterious quest where the fate of the world rests upon your shoulders and you have to choose the right path or the whole world will just go up in flames?

Yeah, me neither...


  1. First of all, great choice of a picture. I love the Belgariad and the Mallorean books. They're repetitive but still good.

    And yes, sometimes I feel like I'm on some grand quest that nobody's told me about. The pitfalls seem to be very numerous and I keep wondering when things are going to suddenly all fall into place. Unfortunately that isn't happening any time soon. *laughs*

  2. I think we are all on a quest, although many of us do not realize it.

  3. ah... loved this post. I don't know if I feel like I am on a quest, but there are many times that I know in my core that I am exactly where I am "supposed" to be.

    LOVE the Belgariad, lol I chose book 2 as my Q read. :)

    Happy Q day. I am pleased to report my R post is ready and waiting to auto-publish in the morning.