Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Love

Love is... having a partner who lets you know that he loves you every single day.
Lenny & I - picture taken by Angie

Love is... having a daughter who tells you she missed you when you pick her up from school and who loves to give you hugs and kisses. 

Love is... being comfortable with who you are.

Love is... a friendship that endures for years, even when you're far apart.

Love is... having an aunt that has always doubled for me, and now for Angie, as a Fairy Godmother.
Love is... having my parents living next door and helping us raise Angie.
Lenny, me, Grandma, Dad, Angie, Joann & Matt - Sept 2007

Love is... for the good memories I have of my mother, and the heartbreak I feel when I think of her now.
Mom & I circa 1995

Love is... Mom and Dennis, Melissa, Christopher, Madison and Hailey, even though they're far away in Massachusetts, they are still close in our hearts.  

Love is... having good friends who come out to spend Saturdays with us.

I was going to write tonight about Luck. I thought I'd changed my mind, but realize now oh how lucky I am to be loved.


  1. oh how I love this post. So perfect and yes... it is always good to look around and see how you are surrounded by love!


  2. A perfectly lovely post about LOVE!
    The photos are so special! I loved
    them too!...See how many times I
    included the word love?