Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Angie!

I am the proud mother of a three and a half year old little monster. Her name is Angie.

If you don't have a kid, let me tell you... you're missing out on some interesting conversations.

A few weeks ago we were driving to school/work and she asks me "Mommy, are we here yet?"

"No baby, we're not... uh..."

"We're not here?"

"Yes, we're here..."

"Oh... good"

Obviously she got the best of me in that conversation.

Then there are the silly songs we all make up... like the Angie Song sung to the tune of that Copa Cabana song... Ok, ok, stop begging... I'll share it... [really, you're just embarrassing us both]

"Her name was Angie, Angie LaPlaca. She's the cutest kid on the block-a. She needs smack-bottoms... on her little butt. She is so cute, and she's really a hoot, her name is Angie... Angie LaPlaca!"

OK, so obviously having children can make you a little crazy. [See, now if I had the ability to do strikeout text I'd modify that sentence a bit...]. That's probably why I could have done a post entitled A is for Alcohol! Stay tuned for M is for Margaritas! :)


  1. oh, it's me, deirdre, just too lazy to login

  2. What fun! Your Angie sounds like a riot and a handful. Loving this blogfest so far! Wonder what you'll do for B.

  3. LOL how cute. I don't have kids but I have a 5 yr old nephew and wow! When we're playing fire trucks, a southern accent somehow creeps into his voice whenever he says "Right here." No idea why but it's so cute!

  4. Now how could an adorable face like that be called a monster ;)

    The Watered Soul

  5. Angie's adorable, and I love your variation on the Copa song.