Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My friend's almost 100 followers contest

My friend Corinne O'Flynn is having a My *almost* 100 Followers Contest on her blog. As of this moment, she has 97 followers. I can understand her impatience though, if I had 97 followers I'd be excited too.

A shout out to my six followers, you rock!

Does anyone else misspell six as sex? Both times I typed it...

Anyways... where was I...

Oh yeah, so Corinne is having a contest and she's giving away Girl Scout Cookies. Seems like people have been talking about Girl Scout Cookies all day!

And I am nothing if not a supportive friend.

Speaking of support (this is really how my mind works) at dinner my husband was playing a game on my iPad and he says "Gravity really works against you," to which I replied "Yeah, I know" as I cupped my.... uh... well you get the picture.

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