Monday, September 1, 2008

I are a college student!

Well it's official, I'm now a college student again. How does that make me feel? Nervous as Hell.

I'm glad that classes started for me on a holiday, so I could get in and look around at my leisure. I may have to make a point to take the first day of class off until I'm done with school, just so I can get started on the right foot. I did the math and if I can get most of my transferred credits to count towards my degree, I think I'm looking at about 2 1/2 years. If I do well, my employer will pay for almost all of it. It's a big commitment to myself, to my family and to them as well. I pray I do well.

Things around the house are chaotic. Angie was mugged this morning, poor kid. She was innocently walking through the living room when the puppy zoomed up behind her, knocked her down and stole her binkey. I confess that I laughed - a lot actually. I had to chase Ginger around the house to get it back. Not the only time I've had to chase her around today, nor the last. Angie handles it very well, I'm so blessed to have such a laid back child. Ginger has knocked her down several times now and stolen things from her, including kisses. I'm certain they'll be co-conspirators in crime as they grow up together. Lord help me.

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