Friday, September 12, 2008

Funky Shoes and God

Behold my funky new shoes. I love them! Not really what you'd expect from a 37 year old Mom, but when I saw them I just had to get them. I couldn't figure out how to lace them using both grey and black laces, so I laced one shoe with the black and the other with the grey.

I'm striving for quirky. :)

I heard a comedian today who said "I know there's a God, because every once in awhile I hear a voice in my head whisper 'You're my favorite'" I may just have to borrow that line from time to time, it's priceless. The trick is to say it with a perfectly straight face.

Elizabeth gave me a really sweet letter today and some information about her faith. Lenny and I keep saying we're going to find a church, but Sundays come and go and we just never seem to make it. It's important to me that we raise Angie with faith in God. However, Lenny and I are both recovering Catholics. In the newspaper today they had a listing of local churches and I remarked to him "you don't know if they're scary until you go to them" and he agreed. What, scary churches? Oh but yes, there are some. And once you feel burned by a religion, you tend to want to dip your toes back in slowly. I need to ask Elizabeth some more questions about her faith. She's a model of someone who is so happy with their faith that she glows with it. I'm glad to see that, and a little envious. Over the years I've sort of determined what I believe in and discarded the things I don't. Overall I believe I have a good relationship with God, but realize that for Angie to get to where I'm at we'll need spiritual help.

Maybe I'll revisit my idea to ask Elizabeth to be Angie's Godfather. Co-Godmother?

Angie was Baptised before Stephanie's wedding, with Steph being her Godmother. And Angie's on the right track, she brings me her Children's Bible Stories book to read to her, but there's no flaps for her to open in it, so she doesn't sit still for long. We're up to Finding a Bride for Issac. It does me good to read them too.

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