Saturday, August 30, 2008


This week I met someone who I think is pretty amazing. Did you ever meet someone and think "wow, I'd really like to be friends with this person?" Her name is Deb and she taught the CPR class I took earlier this week. I stayed to chat during the breaks and found out that she was at the World Trade Center on day two with her rescue dogs and a team of 11 others. Turns out that of the twelve, she's the only one still alive. The others died from exposure. "Exposure to what?" I asked. "Just about everything you can think of," she replied.

I have an hour's drive each way to and from work, so I often use that time to mull things over and basically solve the problems of the universe - you know, the usual. Somehow my mind settled on the image of ponds.
Obviously Deb's still here because she's not done splashing around in other people's ponds. She teaches first aid and CPR, I think it's pretty obvious how important her splashing might be.

If you just stop and think about how each of us affect those around us, it's really amazing. Sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes it's so subtle that you may not even realize it.

I chose to put ducks in my pond, and throw some in about 100 others. I'm pretty proud of that. In fact, I think I need to order some more.

These are breast cancer awareness duckies - you put them in the shower to remind you to do self exams. My lovely model is Angie, who was just two months old at the time.

If you want even more proof of my pond theory, check out any of the interesting people listed to the right. It's pretty amazing to see a community of people, in this case bloggers, most of whom never have and never will meet, rally together to support one of their own and her family in a time of need.

Happy splashing!

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